Anonymous Donors Paid off $8 Million in Student Loans for First-Generation Grads. These Are the Alums Benefiting.

Source: CBS News »

Anonymous donors have pooled together $8 million to pay off college loans for up to 400 students who overcame personal hardships – from homelessness and extreme poverty — to become first-generation college students.

The donors are longtime supporters of Bay Area nonprofit Students Rising Above (SRA), and the money is intended to eliminate student debt for the graduates of the scholarship program. These donors are also passionate about tackling the issue of student debt.

On a recent Zoom call, SRA CEO Elizabeth Devaney shared the news with the program’s alumni and read a short letter from the donors.

“People lent us a hand and now, we are able to extend a hand to these young people. Not to change who they are but to reveal who they are,” the letter reads. “We believe it is important to leave the world a better place than we came into it. To that end, we have decided to pay off all student loans for the 400 Rising Star alumni to date…

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