Coronavirus Cases in Georgia, Florida Continue to Decline Despite Business Openings

Source: Yahoo! News »

Some states engaged in reopening their economies have not yet seen coronavirus outbreaks feared by health officials.

In particular, Georgia and Florida, which were projected to see a sharp rise in new cases, have not experienced major new outbreaks in the past week. The average number of new daily cases in Florida declined by 14 percent over the past week, and Georgia’s average new daily cases dropped by 12 percent during the same time period, according to an analysis by Axios.

The data on new cases is imperfect because of variations between states in the amount and frequency of coronavirus testing. As of Wednesday, Florida has confirmed almost 42,000 coronavirus cases, while Georgia has confirmed 35,000 cases.

“Cases [in the U.S.] still continue to expand, and some of that is [due to] the fact that we’re testing more,” former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said Wednesday on NBC’s The Today Show. Gottlieb cautioned that “this is an epidemic that hasn’t run its course nationally, and hasn’t really started to show sustained declines outside of the New York region…

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