Dartmouth College Student Says Winston, First Dog Positive For Coronavirus, Is ‘Completely Fine’

Source: CBS Boston »

A Dartmouth College student said he and his family were as surprised as anyone when their pug Winston became the first known dog to test positive for coronavirus.

Ben McLean returned home to North Carolina March 10, and remained there after Dartmouth was among the colleges switching to close its campus and shift to remote learning as a result of the pandemic.

McLean’s father, a doctor working at UNC Medical Center’s COVID-19 emergency room, became sick in mid-March and later tested positive for coronavirus. McLean’s mother tested positive as well, and though the Dartmouth College student himself was sick with a presumed case of coronavirus, he was not tested.

The family decided to participate in a Duke University research study that asks recovered coronavirus patients to donate plasma, and tests them for antibodies.

“We knew we had COVID, so we were like ‘What can we do to help?’” said McLean. “We didn’t really think the pets were a big part of the study at all. They were just like, ‘Can we test your pets’ and we were like, ‘Yeah sure.’ And then it came back that Winston was positive…

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