Feline Good: French Cat Survives Coronavirus Infection

Source: Reuters »

Papille purrs contentedly as her owner rubs the back of her head, her coat glossy and her eyes a piercing green – back to her old affection-seeking self after recovering from COVID-19.

The nine-year-old cat is the first known case of a pet being infected by the coronavirus in France. There have only been a handful of other known cases globally. The likely source of infection: her owners, themselves COVID-19 sufferers.

“We didn’t know what was wrong with her,” said Papille’s owner Brian.

He asked Reuters not reveal his surname after the family received hate messages on social media following the cat’s illness.

“Mum found it strange the she was showing the same symptoms as a human: fatigue, a cough and bouts of lethargy. We said to ourselves, ‘perhaps it’s COVID-19. Unlikely, but perhaps’.”

Their intuition turned out to be correct…

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