Finley, the Dog That Holds 6 Tennis Balls in Its Mouth, Sets Guinness World Record

Source: USA Today »

It’s official: Finley’s a Guinness World Record Holder.

Finley Molloy, a 6-year-old golden retriever from Canandaigua, Ontario County, has finally been recognized for his adorable, preternatural talent of holding six tennis balls in his mouth at once.

After submitting various pieces of evidence for an extensive application process that stretched out for more than a year, Finley’s family received an email last week confirming that all their hard work had paid off.

“It’s just so exciting,” said Erin Molloy, Finley’s human sister.

“When I look at him I’m like, ‘I want to squeeze you, I love you so much!'”

Though Finley never seemed to mind the process, his family’s relieved that they no longer have to remember to pull out their phones and record when he starts picking up tennis balls in the backyard.

And that, Molloy said, was certainly worth celebrating.

Naturally, a socially distanced “pawty” was in order.

Finley’s family got a cake from BONES Dog Bakery in Rochester and invited the neighbors and some of Finley’s closest dog pals over to hang out in the yard on Sunday.

“He got pretty excited when all of our neighbors were outside his front yard,” Molloy said. “Obviously, he’s staying humble, but I think he’s pretty pumped…

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