Fungie the Dolphin ‘Lonely’ in Lockdown – but Kind Fisherman Keeping Him Company

Source: The Independent (Ireland) »

A kind-hearted Kerry fisherman was so moved by the sight of Fungie the dolphin being lonely he now undertakes daily trips just to keep him company.

Jimmy Flannery, from Dingle, Co Kerry, is a hugely experienced fisherman and helped found the local fishermen’s group.

However, he was taken aback by the realisation that Fungie, a famous solitary dolphin living off the west Kerry coast since 1983, had become lonely without any human interaction over the past two months because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

“Fungie was lonely alright,” he said.

“He follows the (commercial) fishing boats out but they don’t have time for him. They are too busy heading to the fishing grounds.”

Fungie’s loneliness stemmed from the fact the entire leisure craft industry which sprang up around the dolphin’s antics off Dingle has been suspended since March because of the lockdown.

Without his normal array of admirers and photographers lavishing him with attention, Fungie had become lonely…

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