Louisville Nurse Takes in Terminally Ill Patient’s Dog

Source: WYMT (CBS) »

During the COVID-19 global health crisis, healthcare workers have gone the extra mile for their patients, including those in WAVE Country.

“I think, as a nurse, we take care of the whole person, and that whole person includes spiritual and cultural, any sort of need that they might have,” Penny Manning told our sister station WAVE 3 News.

Manning has spent more than a decade dedicating her life to her patients at Norton Suburban and Norton Audubon, where she now works. When she makes her routine rounds with patients, she usually gets to know at little bit about each one.

“When you talk to a patient and make them feel a little more at ease, it makes their hospital stay a little less traumatic for them,” Manning said.

She was recently asking a terminally ill patient about his home life and his friends and family, but his response stopped the nurse in her tracks. The man told her the only family he had was his dog Duke.

Duke, a 12 year old deaf and partially-blind pug, was left in his owner’s apartment alone with no one to care for him for two days…

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