Presidents and Prime Ministers Lead Call for ‘People’s Vaccine’, Free to All

Source: UN News »

On Thursday, more than 140 world leaders and figures signed an open letter requesting Governments unite behind a “people’s vaccine” against COVID-19, marking the most ambitious position yet set out by world leaders on what has become the most urgent quest in modern science.

They are demanding that all vaccines, treatments and tests be patent-free, mass produced and distributed fairly.

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, is pushing for scientific research to be shared between countries and that the vaccine be patent-free.

“Nobody should be pushed to the back of the vaccine queue because of where they live or what they earn”, he said, in the joint UNAIDS/Oxfam letter.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, underscored the need to work together to beat the virus.

“We must pool all the knowledge, experience and resources at our disposal for the good of all humanity”, he said…

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