This Alaskan Man Is Making a 14-Hour Boat Trip to Costco Every Week to Supply His Small City with Groceries Amid the Pandemic

Source: CNN »

Now that’s one helluva Costco run.

A grocer in a remote Alaskan region that’s only accessible by boat or plane is going above and beyond to keep his small city fed during the coronavirus pandemic.

Toshua Parker, owner of Icy Strait Wholesale in Gustavus, has been making a weekly boat trip with his staff to Juneau, the state’s capital 50 miles away, to restock on essential food and supplies at Costco. It takes them about 14 hours to complete the journey on a 96 feet long converted military landing craft.

Gustavus is a coastal community that borders Glacier Bay National Park. For the city’s 450 residents, the only place to buy groceries is ToshCo, the locals’ nickname for Parker’s store…

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